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Croatian island opens for the summer to bring together music, well-being and island living

Is travelling this summer for a weekend music festival not enough for you? What about enjoying an island in Croatia complete with workshops on music, art, health and more – and staying as long as you like?

Obonjan, a previously uninhabited island in the Adriatic Sea, will open this summer from 18 July to mid-September as a place for “arts, ecology and well-being” according to a brochure for the new attraction. The island is billed as “all the things we love in one place… It’s music, technology and workshops. It’s food, sports, talks, natural beauty and super comfy beds”.

The team behind the Obonjan project have been involved in festivals, events and creative spaces, according to the brochure, and they have been working since 2012 to develop a concept for the island. The project is a partnership between festival promoters Sound Channel, the Croatian travel company Gratiosus, national tour operator CMT and another company, reports Total Croatia News. Sound Channel is the promotion company behind the Unknown Festival in Croatia.

A photo posted by @obonjan on Mar 11, 2016 at 9:31am PST

The island will be open for travellers to come and rent accommodation and take part in cultural programs, workshops, and entertainment. The organizers want the island to grow through ecological practices and for visitors to help build a community. Guests are encouraged to stay for as long as they like but organizers recommended spending at least five to seven days to experience the island.

“Basically, we want to have a lot of fun on a beautiful island, while developing new ways of living, working and playing that will help shape the future of our planet. Ambitious, maybe. But we know it’s possible”.

According to the brochure, Obonjan was uninhabited until 1972, when scouts began to use the island. Since 2008, it has had one resident – and his dog – who acts as a caretaker.

A photo posted by @obonjan on Mar 11, 2016 at 9:33am PST

The food and drink available will include fresh seafood and organic vegetables and there will be numerous bars around the island. For entertainment, there will be “world class hip-hop, funk’n’soul, electronica, house and techno acts”, a 25-piece orchestra and an amphitheatre which will hold performances.

Forest lodges and canvas tents designed for the island will serve as the accommodation, starting at 73 euro per person, per night. That includes accommodation, music, talks, performances and transportation, but food, drink, well-being sessions and excursions are not included.