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Nostalgic ‘80s cola drink hits the shelves once more in China

A cola drink that was popular during the 1980s in China has once again hit the shelves. Tianfu is a soft drink made from a traditional herbal recipe that was popular in China before the country’s opening up to western markets in the 1990s.

China relaunches nostalgic cola.
China relaunches nostalgic cola. Image by K.G.23 / CC BY-SA 2.0

Tianfu was taken out of production after its parent company signed a joint venture with Pepsi to introduce the American cola to China, and was later prevented from producing Tianfu due to a dispute over the right of production. In the 1980s, the beloved drink held an astonishing 70% market share over China’s fledgling soft drinks industry. Tianfu will be available in stores around China from this week. Read more: chinadaily.com.cn