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Italian man to trek 340km through UAE desert for four days straight

An Italian man, who settled in the UAE a decade ago, has set himself the challenge of trekking 340km through the UAE desert without stopping for the entire four days.

The desert landscapes of the UAE.
The desert landscapes of the UAE. Image by Bob McCaffrey / CC BY-SA 2.0

The trek will take Max Calderan from the border of Saudi Arabia through to Oman roughly tracing the Tropic of Cancer. During the trek Calderan said he will sustain himself by drinking small amounts of water (imported from Italy) during the day as well as eating dates, nuts and dried meats – a diet similar to that of the Bedouin people – and will focus on rehydrating during the night. Speaking about his adventure he said, ‘maybe somebody has already gone by car, but only when you enter on foot does it become the true meaning of exploration.’ Read more: thenational.ae