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Want to let off some steam? Pay a visit to Australia’s first ‘break room’

If you’re in Melbourne and feel like letting off some steam, Ed Hunter has created The Break Room in the inner city suburb Collingwood for you.

Melbourne opens 'break room' as a means to vent anger.
Melbourne opens ‘break room’ as a means to vent anger. Image by david pacey / CC BY 2.0

Customers purchase a AU$50 ticket, put on a protective face mask, then have 10 minutes to smash glasses, shatter plates, or destroy personal items, with a baseball bat in a safe environment. “We’re currently using items which are at the end of their life span,” Hunter told Mashable. “Currently people can break a bunch of crockery I’ve been able to get from a crockery wholesaler who was closing down.” Hunter is hoping that as well as one-off anger venting, the room will attract groups looking to bond together by getting destructive such as corporate team-building events and hen or stag groups. Read more: mashable.com