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Man on a mission to cross China by wheelchair travels 2800 kilometres

A  man who set out on a mission to cross China by wheelchair in August 2014, has completed the first 2800 kilometres of his journey.

Man to cross China by wheelchair.
Man to cross China by wheelchair. Image by Philip Jägenstedt / CC BY 2.0

Quan Peng, who was paralysed after a surgery to remove a tumor from his spine, left Beijing on 31 August 2014 with the aim of crossing China from north to south. His final destination is Sanya on Hainan island. Quan managed to cover 2800km in the first 566 days of his journey by the time he reached Fujian province this week. Quan has also been cataloguing barrier-free facilities around China – a country that is sometimes lacking in accessible facilities. Read more: shanghaiist.com