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Crowdsourced online map of happy places in Ukraine launched

An international group of volunteers, mainly geographers and architects, have launched an interactive online map of happy places in Ukraine.

Trukhaniv Island on the left.
Trukhaniv Island on the left. Image by spoilt.exile / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Map Me Happy project aims to help both locals and travellers learn about interesting landscapes and architectural sites in Ukraine, as well as to help them find places with a good vibe. The idea behind it was partially influenced by the negative news about the conflict in eastern Ukraine, as the map’s creators wanted to show that central and western parts of this huge country (the second-largest in Europe) are perfectly safe and fun to visit. The map works as a crowdsourcing platform where each registered user can mark ‘positive’ places in the country. It is also possible to search for ‘happy’ places by applying filters such as ‘positive thinking’, ‘positive visual’ and more. Examples of ‘positive thinking’ places are Trukhaniv Island, near downtown Kyiv, or Kyiv Sahara sands, on the outskirts of the capital. Read more: globalvoices.org