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Bhutan’s Taktshang monastery to close on Tuesdays to allow more time for Buddhist rituals

The famous Taktshang goemba in Bhutan will close every Tuesday from 1 April, in a bid to reduce the pressure of visitor numbers on daily life at the monastery.

Taktshang goemba.
Taktshang goemba. Image by Soham Banerjee / CC BY 2.0

Monks at the monastery were reportedly finding it difficult to perform key Buddhist rituals because of the number of visitors to the site. Also known as the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Taktshang is Bhutan’s most famous tourist attraction, wedged into the side of a rocky cliff-face near Paro. In fact, the monastery visited today is an artful reproduction; the original goemba was damaged by fire in the 1950s, and its replacement burned down in 1998. Read more: kuenselonline.com