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Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia seek to reduce carbon footprint with aviation biofuel

With pollution from air travel one of the top contributors to global warming, carriers in New Zealand and Australia, Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia, are investigating ways to reduce their carbon footprint through locally-produced aviation biofuel.

Air New Zealand.
Air New Zealand. Image by Andy Mitchell / CC BY-SA 2.0

As well as making flying more green, the airlines hope to increase their fuel security, and reap the benefits of investing in innovation. Of course any biofuel would have to compete with traditional fossil fuels on price and availability. “We are seeing the development of the aviation biofuel industry accelerate internationally but that is not yet the case for our region,” says Robert Wood, Virgin Australia’s head of sustainability. “We are confident that our collaboration with Air New Zealand to procure a large volume of aviation biofuel will de-risk investment in the sector, creating high-tech, high-skilled jobs in the region.” Read more: businessinsider.com.au