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London calling: UK capital is the most-talked about travel destination on Twitter

London is the most talked-about travel destination on Twitter, according to new research.

View of Whitehall crowed with Tourist and Commuters at Sunset. Whitehall is a Street in the City of Westminster lined with government departments and ministries. Image by Albert Pego

While it should be noted that the research comes from London & Partners – the Mayor of London’s official promotion company – it is undebatable that the UK capital is a top destination for travellers from around the world.

The data shows that the words London and travel were tweeted together more than 630,000 times in 2015 – putting it more than 200,000 tweets ahead of Paris, New York, Rome and Tokyo.

Millennium Bridge leading to Saint Paul’s Cathedral at night. Image by TomasSereda

The research also found that the word London was tweeted more than 81 million times that year, which was more than Sydney, Tokyo and Rome combined.

With its status as a cosmopolitan cultural capital, it’s perhaps unsurprising that some of the top words used along with London in tweets included art, travel and fashion.

London Eye outlook. Image by Tasan Phatthong

The information was released along with a campaign from a variety of travel organisations and companies called ‘Fans of London’. The initiative is celebrating a variety of events, exhibitions and anniversaries taking place in the city this year, which includes the 90th birthday of the Queen, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the launch of the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and the world’s first exhibition of the Rolling Stones.

View from Tate Modern gallery across Thames, London. Image by Matt Munro

While London may get the most shout-outs on Twitter, it is surpassed on Instagram by posts from New York and Paris. The American city and French capital both had more geotagged posts from Instagrammers last year.

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