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Air New Zealand to reward passengers showing fashion flair with an upgrade

Passengers cutting a dash in the style stakes could get the ultimate in-flight reward flying across the Atlantic next month – an upgrade with Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand's is offering passenger with a certain style upgrade in flights to US
Air New Zealand’s is offering passenger with a certain style upgrade in flights to US Image by Aero Icarus / CC BY-SA 2.0

The airline has linked up with LA Fashion Week and has appointed a stylist to mingle with passengers in London at Heathrow airport. The lucky ones with the most on-trend looks will be offered free upgrades as well as a host of other treats.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the carrier’s website currently includes a style guide from the woman who is deciding which passengers have the style she is looking for. According to former fashion editor and stylist, Laura Martin, LA trends stand out because of the laidback style and cool look – which by and large are weather driven. She notes the beach-surfer culture which features denim, shorts and sandals, meaning “heels are a big no no.” Across the city there are different vibes with Hollywood a sartorial mixed zone, while Beverley Hills insists on designer looks and a polished finish.

The one thing that all LA style has is common– whether people are hippies, rockers or skaters, is the word ‘free’ which encapsulates terms like “eclectic, cool, casual and effortless”. Ms Martin also points out that a big part of LA style is accessorising with sunglasses, jewellery and big hats.

So if your style can stand the competition, the Air New Zealand promotion is also offering a plethora of extras including pre-departure champagne, lounge access and free pamper kits to make the transatlantic journey more comfortable.