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Spain home to the world’s most expensive ham

The famous Spanish ham, jamon, has been dubbed the world’s best, and most expensive, by the Biofach organic trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany.

Slicing jamon.
Slicing jamon. Image by juantiagues / CC BY-SA 2.0

Eduardo Donato is the man behind the meat: due to the rarity of the Manchado de Jabugo breed of pig, he only sells approximately 80 legs every year – with each one fetching a retail price of €4,100 (£4,500). In total it takes around ten years to produce a leg of jamon as the animals are reared organically for around three years (over a year and a half longer than other pigs) and then the meat is cured for a further six. When it comes to the title of ‘most expensive ham’ Donato told Spanish newspaper El Pais, he prefers the term ‘most valuable’ as in his eyes jamon is product of ‘patience, passion and pleasure’.

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