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California Automobile Museum hopes to raise the roof

One of California’s lesser known museums is hoping for a new lease of life by raising funds to repair its roof.

Mustangs at Sacramento's Automobile Museum.
Mustangs at Sacramento’s Automobile Museum. Image by Marcin Wichary / CC BY 2.0

The California Automobile Museum is hidden away between the freeways and the river in the state capital, Sacramento, and is just a bit too out of the way for most visitors. It also has a leaky roof that needs fixing if the city council is going to continue to support it and so a new museum director has made finding the money for the repairs her top priority. Although Delta Pick Mello jokes that ‘one of the things about this very special building is that it rains indoors’ she knows that she only has until the first of February 2017 to find $500,000 for the repairs or the city will revoke the lease and California car enthusiasts will be short of a museum where they can indulge their passion.

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