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Machu Picchu gets tough on nude selfie tourists

Two European men who took naked photos of each other at Machu Picchu ruins have been arrested by police in Peru.

Police released images taken from the detained men
Police released images taken from the detained men Image by Cusco Police

The pair were detained and taken to court after they were spotted stripping and posing for photos at the ancient site/

The men, one British national and one Frenchman, were named in media reports as Adam Burton (23) and  Eric Xavier Mariec (28).  They have been charged with moral misconduct.

The Peruvian authorities released images taken from the men’s phones to warn other tourists of the consequences of lewd behaviour.

Machu Picchu Peru
Machu Picchu Peru Image by Rocco Lucia / CC BY 2.0

Posing naked at the Unesco World Heritage site has become something of a trend, with ten detained last year.  Police have increased surveillance at the Incan citadel at the as a result.

The site reopened last week to the public after maintenance  works were carried out.