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Iceberg season begins off Newfoundland coast

Photographic evidence suggests Newfoundland and Labrador’s yearly “iceberg season,” in which hundreds of icebergs detach from their thawing moorings in Greenland and begin to float south down the east coast of Newfoundland, has already begun.

Iceberg season begins in Labrador.
Iceberg season begins in Labrador. Image by Sterling College / CC BY 2.0

Iceberg season typically begins in spring and runs through summer, and travellers come to view the 1000-year-old glacial giants on boat tours or while paddling in a kayak. Experts say the majority of the icebergs are still well offshore, but a few have been photographed close to the rocky coastline of Newfoundland. Many Newfoundlanders say this is the earliest they’ve seen icebergs in recent memory. Read more: thestar.com