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Time-lapse video shows plane built in just four minutes

Building a plane is not an easy task, but a stunning time-lapse video shows how it is achieved in just four minutes.

Scandinavian carrier Norwegian airlines released the video showing one of its fleet of   787-9 airplanes being built in Seattle by Boeing in the company’s aircraft hanger.

In just four minutes, the pain staking work that is involved in building a commercial airplane is revealed.

The Boeing Dreamcatcher 787-9 under construction
The Boeing Dreamcatcher 787-9 under construction Image by Norwegian Airline

Every stage of the building process is shown of the construction, from the shell being assembled  to the engines and wings being added using robotics and machinery.

Workers can then be seen inside the plane’s cabin adding seats and overhead storage for the 344 passengers.

Workers inside the shell of the jet plane
Workers inside the shell of the jet plane Image by Norwegian Air/You Tube

The painting of the airplane is next using industrial size paint sprayers and a lot of brown paper to protect the windows.

The jet is then seen leaving the hanger and taking off on a test flight. Swedish actress Greta Garbo adorns the tail of the airplane.

The  Dreamliner jet  featured in the video will arrive at Gatwick  from New York JFK on its inaugural flight today 2 March. Its first departure will be on the UK’s only direct flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico.