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Summit calls for Iceland's Highlands to become national park

A summit has called for Iceland’s Highlands to be recognised as a national park.

Eldgja, Icelandic highlands.
Eldgja, Icelandic highlands. Image by IndigoMood / CC BY 2.0

The area covers much of central Iceland and its landscape of glaciers, rivers, volcanoes, mountains and wetlands is virtually uninhabited. “The Highlands make up the largest remaining area of untouched wilderness in Europe,” according to the Protect the Park summit. “This incredible place is not just a treasure that belongs to us; it belongs to the world as a whole.” It also has significant potential for industries including hydroelectric power and aluminium smelting, and declaring the region a national park would have major implications for its development. According to a 2015 poll, most Icelanders support the founding of a national park in the Highlands. Read more: icenews.is