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‘Pedestrian scrambles’ coming to Santa Monica

Pedestrian scrambles might sound like a West Coast hipster band but they’re actually a series of road markings designed to make it safer for people crossing the street.

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo. Image by Yoshikazu TAKADA / CC By 2.0
‘Pedestrian scramble’ at Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo. Image by Yoshikazu TOKADA / CC BY 2.0

Already popular in Japan and some other US cities, they’re now coming to main intersections in Santa Monica in a bid to help visitors and locals move around more easily. The way they work is that all traffic approaching an intersection stops at the same time allowing pedestrians to walk not only straight ahead but diagonally too. The 11 ‘scrambles’ will be put in place in Santa Monica’s downtown district over the next few months. Read more: santamonicanext.org