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Netflix seeks Instagram photographers for dream job

A Netflix competition offers travel expenses and US$2000 a week in exchange for amazing set and location photos.

The #Grammasters competition asks people to enter by using the hashtag #grammasters3 under three of their best photos by 6 March.

Atlanta whichis featured in The Walking Dead
Atlanta whichis featured in The Walking Dead Image by Netflix

The competition is in its third year running, with people taking to Instagram to demonstrate their versatility and skill in the hope of becoming the next #grammaster. “We’re looking for TV & movie fans with a talent for taking pictures. Choose photos that show off your interests or passions,” Netflix says in its description of the awards. “Grammasters will travel for two weeks, visiting the sets of popular shows, films, and even Netflix originals.”

As all expenses are covered by Netflix, winning the competition would entail simply travelling to places such as New York to shoot the locations where Netflix Original shows like LOVE are being shot, or Washington DC where House of Cards was shot, or even to Marseille where upcoming Gerard Depardieu-starring homonymous Marseille was shot in, or to other set locations. Shows that are featured on Netflix would also be included in the competition, as the video for last year’s #grammasters demonstrates, showing footage from Portland for Portlandia and Atlanta for The Walking Dead.

The bookshop featured in Portlandia
The bookshop featured in Portlandia Image by Netflix

In addition to that, the three winners’ experiences get documented by Netflix, offering them exposure as well as an experience of a life time!

Talented people of Instagram, get gramming!