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Chinese sport 'nose taches' to highlight Beijing smog

A peculiar video made by a Chinese environmental group, imagines the future of Beijing residents who’ve become accustomed to smog and grown ‘nose taches’.

The odd Chinese nose tache ad
The odd Chinese ‘nose tache’ ad Image by WildAid

The ad has caught the public’s attention due to its slightly weird take on the future. WildAid China launched the video as part of the GOBlue campaign which is trying to prevent Chinese residents from becoming increasingly accustomed and desensitized to the smog problem in China.

The video depicts a weird future of smog survivors that have had to grow ‘nose taches’ in order to combat the pollution. Couples, old people, playing children, all have grown long and elaborate ‘nose taches’. A model is seen in an ad with a particularly luxuriant ‘nose tache’.

WildAid fears Chinese jaded attitude towards pollution
WildAid fears Chinese jaded attitude towards pollution Image by WildAid

The video then cuts to a dissident ‘nose tache’ victim who decides he won’t tolerate the smog or the tache anymore, and cuts it off. The video then reads, “Change air pollution before it changes you.”

The video is a response to the worsening of the air pollution as well as to the CCP’s policy of not allowing criticism. An estimated third of China’s 1.35 billion people regularly breathe smog, and a famous documentary about Chinese air pollution, Under the Dome, received 200 million views before the CCP removed it from the Chinese internet.

1.3 million people breathe smog in China
1.3 million people breathe smog in China Image by WildAid