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Washington orchards to produce a new variety of apple

Once dominated by Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples, the Washington apple industry has spent the last few decades diversifying its apple varieties, and soon a new apple will be available.

Washington to get a new variety of apple.
Washington to get a new variety of apple. Image by zoghal / CC BY-SA 2.0

Dubbed the “Cosmic Crisp” for its red skin speckled with white pores, this new apple was first developed in a lab at Washington State University, where scientists sliced and tested the crispness and flavour of the new variety. This year, Cosmic Crisp apples will be given to Washington farmers with a target of first sales in 2019. The new apple, which has been in development for 20 years, will join other trademarked varieties like Ambrosia and Pacific Rose.

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