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Take a day off for Chicago's Ferris Bueller Festival this May

It may be time to book a day off so you can make it to Ferris Fest – a whole weekend event celebrating 30 years of the 1986 John Hughes’ classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Cameron, Sloane and Ferris at the Chicago Institute of Art.
Cameron, Sloane and Ferris at the Art Institute of Chicago. Image by Ferris Fest website

The beloved film follows the charming protagonist Ferris Bueller as he cuts class with his girlfriend Sloane and best friend Cameron to go on an elaborate adventure through Chicago, visiting some of the city’s most famous spots like Wrigley Field and the former Sears Tower.

The festival will be held in Chicago – the city the film features so predominantly – from 20 to 22 May. A host of activities are planned for the weekend, including a screening of the film, a Q and A with some of the actors, a tour of the filming locations, and a live re-creation of the film’s infamous ‘Twist and Shout’ parade scene.

A two-day, two-part bus tour will take travellers to Cameron’s house, Glenbrook North High School, the Art Institute of Chicago and Dearborn Street in downtown Chicago where Ferris commandeered a parade, and many more. There will also be a recreation of Ferris’ bedroom somewhere in downtown Chicago.

A full three-day festival package and tickets to some individual events and attractions are being sold online.

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