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Master butcher invents new Bavarian sausage snack

Albert Kohlpaintner, a butcher from near Passau, Germany, has invented a new snack using the famous pale Bavarian sausage Weisswurst, and he hopes it will become as popular as the traditional beer-hall food of Leberkäse (meat loaf) in a bread roll.

Leberkäse. Image by Jessica Spengler / CC BY 2.0

The butcher was tasked to come up with a new tasty treat by the Löwenbrauerei brewery in Passau, and he’s so delighted by his invention – which is essentially Weisswurst in puff pastry – that he’s had it patented, explaining that the pastry is sprayed with lye to help it form a delicious crusty outer layer when in the oven. With Kohlpaintner already producing around 350 of the snacks a day to meet demand, he’s also offering them deep-frozen for customers to enjoy later.

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