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Battle of Hastings sequel site found in Devon

An author claims he has found the site of the follow-up to the Battle of Hastings.

Appledore, Devon.
Appledore, Devon. Image by Andrew / CC BY 2.0

The Battle of Hastings , in 1066, saw the Anglo-Saxons under King Harold defeated by the Norman forces of William the Conqueror in what was the last successful invasion of Britain. Nick Arnold says a field between Appledore and Northam, in Devon, played host to a decisive subsequent battle. Over 60 longships sailed from Ireland under the command of Harold’s sons Godwine and Edmund. They were defeated in a bloody, day-long clash that ended any Anglo-Saxon hopes of reclaiming the English throne. “The amazing cast of supporting characters include a treacherous abbot, a conscience-stricken queen and a headless saint,” said Arnold. “All the background information points to this location.”

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