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Italian tycoon's remains buried in a coffee pot

The family of an Italian coffee mogul, whose image adorns hundreds of thousands of Moka coffee pots in kitchens across Italy, has made a fitting tribute to his memory by having his ashes buried in one of those very same coffee pots.

A Bialetti coffee pot.
A Bialetti coffee pot. Image by Jenni Douglas / CC BY 2.0

Renato Bialetti, who was 93 when he died, made the coffee pots that were invented by his father Alfonso in 1933 into a worldwide success – selling over 300 million around the globe. After cremation Bialetti’s ashes were placed in a giant aluminium coffee pot to be honoured at his funeral and then interred in the family tomb the town of Omegna, near Lake Maggiore. Read more: telegraph.co.uk