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Drunken monkey chases bar customers with a knife in Brazil

A capuchin monkey being dubbed ‘Furious George’, got drunk in a bar in Brazil and chased patrons with a knife.

'Angry George' the capuchin monkey who got drunk and went on a rampage in Brazil
‘Angry George’ the capuchin monkey who got drunk and went on a rampage in Brazil Image by Screengrab Youtube

After sampling the remnants of an alcoholic drink called cachaca in leftover glasses in a bar in Paraiba, Brazil, the monkey  went on an angry rampage, chasing the patrons of the bar with a foot-long knife it had picked up. According to people in the bar, the monkey didn’t chase any of the women.

“It was a bar staff oversight that ended with the monkey drinking some rum and taking the knife, ” Lt Col Saul Laurentino from Paraiba’s fire department told Brazilian news website aRede.

The monkey with his enormous knife
The monkey with his enormous knife Image by Screengrab Youtube

A video posted on Wednesday showed the monkey angrily picking at tiles on a roof with his long knife. The fire department finally intervened, removing the knife from Furious George and releasing him back into a nearby nature reserve. But in a rather comical turn of events, the fire department had to recapture the monkey a short time later after there were reports of the monkey harassing and attacking children in the  area close to the reserve, Col Laurentino told the Huffington Post. Who knew capuchins made angry drunks!

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