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Thailand’s tiger population creeps back from the brink

The tiger population in Thailand is finally increasing due to enhanced protection measures, according to the results of an eight-year study.

Tiger numbers on the rise in Thailand.
Tiger numbers on the rise in Thailand. Image by Phalinn Ooi / CC BY 2.0

The team of Thai and international scientists reportedly found that Thailand was the only place in Southeast Asia where Indochinese tigers, thought to number less than 300 in the wild, are increasing in population. The study findings came after the Thai government teamed with Thailand’s Wildlife Conservation Society to establish an intensive patrol system in an Uthai Thani wildlife sanctuary to curb poaching of tigers and their prey. The scientists believe that ten to 15 years of intensive protection of tiger habitats is needed before prey populations can reach optimal levels to support a growing tiger population. Read more: bangkok.coconuts.co