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Palace of Versailles launches own perfume brand

The Palace of Versailles has embarked on a new venture to redefine what it means to smell expensive.

The Palace of Versailles.
The Palace of Versailles. Image by Guillaume Speurt / CC BY-SA 2.0

Teaming up with classic French perfume brand Guerlain, Louis XIV’s palace has launched a perfume dedicated to the palace’s beautiful gardens. It’s been suitably named Bouquet De La Reine – the queen’s bouquet. Made by the Guerlain’s leading perfumer Thierry Wasser, the perfume contains hints of jasmine – thought to be Marie Antoinette’s favourite flower – as well as lily of the valley and notes of bergamot.

The Bouquet De La Reine is a limited edition collaboration and is only available in Versailles, on its website, and in the Guerlain flagship store in Paris, for a mere €550.

The Palace of Versailles.
The Palace of Versailles. Image by Gary / CC BY-SA 2.0

While the Palace of Versailles has been under major renovation since 2003 and isn’t due to be fully reopened until 2020, millions of visitors pour in to see its splendid palace and gardens built by Louis XIV. On average Versailles has seven million visitors a year, making it France’s third most visited site after the Disneyland and The Louvre.