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Panoramic view of New York's past via pop-up exhibit

Get a panoramic view into New York’s past at a pop-up exhibit that will showcase historic images of the city.

1902 "The Sunday Parade, Fifth Avenue"
1902 “The Sunday Parade, Fifth Avenue” Image by Library of Congress

The Retronaut’s New York exhibit will open on February 25 and will be on display until 28 March in the lobby space of Premier Exhibitions.

Retronaut, dubbed the “photographic time machine”, started as a blog showcasing unusual photographs from the past that give new insight into history. The content is now published on Mashable, and features pictures, films, sound and stories “that are not on our maps of the past” from archives and museums, according to a news release.

1902 "Manhattan Beach"
1902 “Manhattan Beach” Image by Library of Congress

The pop-up will feature panoramic photographs of New York from more than hundred years ago – in massive, high-resolution quality. The historic shots have been digitally cleaned and restored from versions held by the Library of Congress.

1902 "A scene in the ghetto."
1902 “A scene in the ghetto.” Image by Library of Congress

At the centre of the panoramas is a “Timescape” of Times Square created by Dynamichrome’s Jordan Lloyd. The creator has “woven together fragments from Times Square’s hundred-year history into a seamless and spectacular image where decades cascade into one another. The hypnotic result is a beautiful and surreal panoramic photograph, simultaneously instantly familiar and disconcertingly anachronistic at once”.

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