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Cadbury Creme Eggs pop-up in Dublin in time for Easter

Dublin now has a Cadbury’s Creme Eggs pop-up café, which is offering foods filled with the super-sweet candy in the lead-up to Easter.

Caption: "We think our Creme Egg Garden is pretty crackin' #CremeEggCafe #HaveaFling"
Caption: “We think our Creme Egg Garden is pretty crackin’
#HaveaFling” Image by Cadbury Ireland Instagram

The shop opened up this week, featuring the chocolate fondant eggs in recipes such as toasties, strawberries and creme, a creme egg donut and a creme egg tray bake.

London has already been enjoying its Cadbury Creme Egg café, which opened in early January and is open until 6 March. In the UK, the eggs are only available between Christmas and Easter and at that time they are the most popular confectionary in the country.

Dublin’s café will only be open to 20 February. Since entry to the café is free the tickets to sittings sold out quickly, however there is some availability for walk-ins, reports the Irish Mirror.

Last year saw another Irish favourite hit Dublin in pop-up form. Tayto, a popular crisp company, opened a crisp sandwich pop-up after the idea was extremely successful in Belfast.

London has also been home to a variety of food-related pop-ups, dedicated to favourites like cereal, porridge, turkey and more – because in 2016, if something exists, there is a pop-up dedicated to it somewhere.

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