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New York rolls out new cinnamon donut

If you were wondering what the next pastry hybrid out of New York might be, here’s your answer.

Yep, it's a cinnamon roll in a donut
Yep, it’s a cinnamon roll in a donut Image by Chef_Thiago/Instagram

Pastry chef Thiago Silva of Manhattan’s chicy Catch restaurant is the mastermind behind the latest creation that embraces the spirit of combining two great things to make a third even greather thing.

Posting on his Instagram Silva introduced the world to his latest invention – the Cin Roll Donut. The concoction consists in baking the all-American cinnamon roll inside the all-American donut, for some heart-stopping results.

Thiago Silva of New York restaurant Catch
Thiago Silva of New York restaurant Catch Image by Chef_Thiago/Instagram

The process of baking the donut and cinnamon roll at the same time is “quite tricky and easy to get wrong” Silva told The Huffington Post.

Catch, Silva’s restaurant serves the Cin Roll Donut with pumpkin ice cream, cranberry pomegranate sauce, and rum custard! Move over cronut, the cin-roll donut is here.