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Jamaican doctor hits the dancehall for zika prevention

With zika virus recently affecting many Caribbean countries, health ministries and health professionals in the region are finding new and creative ways to get the word out about zika prevention and mosquito management.

Michael Abrahams performing "We nuh want zika".
Michael Abrahams performing “We nuh want zika”. Image by Screengrab by Youtube

Michael Abrahams, a Jamaican obstetrician and gynecologist, created “We nuh want Zik V to create a new dialogue with Jamaican citizens, relying on the catchy dancehall beat to spread the word about destroying mosquito habitats and preventing illness. The Jamaican government is playing the song as a service announcement via radio, television, and movie theaters, and has spent 200 million Jamaican dollars (USD $1.6 million) on other zika prevention initiatives. Abrahams is a veteran wellness songwriter, as he also penned “Every step I take (since I got Chik V) during the chikungunya virus outbreak in 2014.

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