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Astronaut posts amazing time-lapse video of lightning storm

British astronaut Tim Peake took to Facebook on Tuesday to post an amazing video of a lightning storm flashing over North Africa.

Lighting flashes in a video showing a storm from space.
Lighting flashes in a video showing a storm from space. Image by Tim Peake Facebook

Peake is currently aboard the International Space Station with the European Space Agency. He posted the time-lapse video, which was taken from the ISS, with the caption: “Amazing how much lightning can strike our planet in a short time. Flying from North Africa over Turkey towards Russia in this time-lapse”. He writes that while travelling at a rate of 5,500 km, the video takes place over about 10-12 minutes, but is condensed into a 30-second clip.

Peake has been active on social media since boarding the space station in December for a six-month mission. He has been posting images and videos to Facebook and Twitter of the astronauts’ activities and views from space – including a video explaining how astronauts use the bathroom.

Watch the video here.

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