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Museum of the Future pop-up opens in Dubai

A pop-up exhibition dubbed the Museum of the Future has opened to the the public at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai.

Dubai Museum of the Future
Dubai Museum of the Future. Image by Dubai Government.

The exhibition transports visitors into the world of 2035, showcasing theoretical devices alongside cutting-edge technology to give you an insight into what this age might look like. The theoretical devices on display include brain implants that could enable two brains to communicate directly as well as automatically translate different languages, a machine that could instantly alter your mood and a hub where you can upload your dreams for others to see. The exhibit caused a great deal of contention among visitors, with opinions split between the potential benefits and ethics of these modern machines. The pop-up is open on Tuesday and Wednesday, but Dr Raford, chief operating officer at the Museum of the Future, hopes to see ground broken on the museum’s permanent site in a few months – to fully open in December 2018.

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