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Largest cider event in the US kicks off in Portland

On Tuesday cider makers and tasters arrived in Portland for CiderCon, the largest such event in the US.

Cider week, Portland, 2013.
Cider week, Portland, 2013. Image by Jeff Alworth / CC BY 2.0

The event draws attendees from all over the world. Although the conference itself is admittedly technical, with talks and seminars covering industry subjects like federal licensing laws, Portland has a number of public cider-themed events all week. Among them are tap takeovers and cider-specific parties. Friday’s events include bars like Reverend Nat’s hosting 12 taps of rare ciders, or live music at Cider Riot’s new warehouse. On Saturday Bushwhacker Brooklyn will host the special release of a never-before-tasted cider from local Bauman’s Century Farm. CiderCon runs until 6 February. Read more: wweek.com