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Water guns at the ready for Cotswolds swan wars

The Costwolds are normally famed for their exceptional and unspoilt English beauty, but  a pair of public menaces have brought people’s attention to them for a different reason.

Elderly residents in The Cotswolds use water guns to fight back the swans
Elderly residents in The Cotswolds use water guns to fight back the swans Image by Screengrab from Youtube

In the town of Hope Hill Park residents had co-existed peacefully with their white feathered neighbours, a pair of swans, for many months. But all of a sudden the swans turned on the residents becoming a total nuisance and terrifying the locals!

A video of the swans show them attacking cars, hissing at passersby, attacking vans, and they reportedly frequently chase the postman. Residents have become scared to go out of the house unarmed lest they be ambushed by one of the angry birds.

So in a hilarious turn of events the elderly community of Hope Hill Park has taken up arms against them – or in fact – water guns! To stave off the swans and get them to stay away local resident Angela Helbrow told a local news station that she had taken to employing a child’s water gun as the most effective instrument.

The swans attack passersby
The swans attack passersby Image by Screengrab Youtube

Swan’s are known to be aggressive birds, but rarely do they seek out conflict in the manner demonstrated by these two.

In North America the behaviour would be comparable to that of wild turkeys, who often become dangerous and territorial and are known to often attack people. 

Watch the video here