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Brooklyn bike share cyclist arrives in Los Angeles after epic five-month journey

The New York City Bike Share scheme allows users to rent a bike for up to 30 minutes for free – but that just wasn’t long enough for Jeffrey Tanenhaus because Jeffrey wanted to borrow one of the bikes to cycle all the way from New York City to Los Angeles.

Jeffrey Tanenhaus in his native Brooklyn.
Jeffrey Tanenhaus in his native Brooklyn. Image by Countribike/Instagram

He left the Big Apple in August 2015 and arrived in Santa Monica five months later, averaging around 40 miles per day on the heavy, three-gears-only bike. Wanting to do something different from his previous office job, he set out to cross the country, using back-country roads for the 3000-mile journey and stopping off wherever he fancied. Having completed his journey, Jeffrey has now also paid the $1200 fine for renting the bike for slightly longer than the 30 minute limit. Read more: laist.com