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Icelandair offers passengers stopover buddy service

Icelandair has launched its latest and kookiest offer – a stopover buddy. The Icelandic airline which is already famous for offering all manner of deals such as week-long stopovers in Rekjavik, Iceland at no extra cost, but now the airline has most definitely trumped itself.

Yep, that's an Icelandair captain skiing
Yep, that’s an Icelandair captain skiing Image by Screengrab from Icelandair

In a statement released today, the company said it would be offering a Stopover Buddy. A Stopover buddy would be picked among Icelandair’s staff and would act as a native mate and personal tour-guide. As the statement says, “it’s not just any adventurer — it’s an Icelandair employee!”

Travellers may book a flight and opt for the Stopover Buddy service, picking from a selection of Health, Nature, Food, and Culture buddies.

To go with the statement the airline released a series of videos that depict everything from ice-skating and fishing air hostesses, to skiing flight captains, and mountain hiking stewarts.

An Icelandair air hostess wielding an ice pick in Iceland
An Icelandair air hostess wielding an ice pick in Iceland Image by Screengrab from Icelandair

Each different type of stopover buddy comes with its own video, each captioned with a relevant description. The buddy who looks like he may scale a glacier with you is captioned – “If your favourite kind of adventure involves appreciating the journey as much as the destination, take a leap of faith and pick an Adventure Buddy.”

To avail of the service you have to have booked with Icelandair and then select and request a particular type of buddy. Within 72 hours the airline will get back to you to let you know if there is anyone available. The pretty awesome offer lasts for a limited time only though, but it’s completely free!

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