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Meet the Egg: memory storage solutions for travellers

It has happened to all of us at some point … a painful trawl through the memory cards of our phones or cameras agonising over which files to delete to free up additional space.

The Egg memory storage device by Eggcite.com
The Egg memory storage device by Eggcite.com

At home or work, it’s easy to just back up files to our computer but when travelling abroad, sometimes the only option left is to keep hitting the trash button.

One potential solution for travellers – the Egg – is now being made available around the world.

The Egg is effectively a personal and portable cloud, which gives an extra 256GB of memory to play around with, enough to store literally tens of thousands of extra photos and up to 45 hours of HD video.

It works differently to other portable storage devices in that it can also be used as a media player to view photos or play back videos that have just been taken.

Barry Solomon of Eggcyte told Lonely Planet: “The Egg lets you ‘shoot away’ without having to worry about having enough storage on your devices.

“You can back up photos and videos from phones and cameras directly to The Egg (wirelessly or with a USB cable) – all without having to lug along a PC.”

The Egg is also a portable media streamer and so when planning a long holiday, if you preload movies, music, podcasts, and so on – they can be watched “off the grid” when wireless is unavailable or it’s too expensive to get online.

Another useful feature is an option to share photos and videos privately with family and friends back home without having to use social media.

Mr Solomon explained: “Since your content remains on The Egg, you control exactly who sees it and when they see it. And when you’re done sharing, it’s unshared immediately.”

There are other options available for storage on the move – with prices differing widely depending on their versatility and if they literally just provide disk space.

Western Digital and Seagate are some of the established names and they offer a wide range of products designed to ensure nothing ever needs to be deleted.