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Delight as rare white giraffe reappears in Tanzania

An incredibly rare white giraffe has made her second appearance after being spotted in the Tarangire National Park this month.

The white giraffe that was spotted in Tanzania.
The white giraffe that was spotted in Tanzania. Image by I-Love-Africa Facebook

The giraffe called Omo – after a brand of local detergent – was first spotted by experts at the Wild Nature Institute almost a year ago. Omo has a condition known as leucism whereby her cells are incapable of producing any pigment and so she appears white. In a recent blog post the Wild Nature Institute writes, ‘We were lucky enough to resight her again this January, almost exactly one year later. We are thrilled that she is still alive and well.’ However, whilst Omo appears to be getting on well, there are fears that her unusual colouration could invite poachers.

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