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Australia foodie trend sees coastal plants on dinner plates

Australia’s high-end restaurants are increasingly looking to indigenous plants from Australia’s coastlines for new flavours and textures in their meals.Coastal saltwater plants and succulents can add a salty tang and crisp textures to summery dishes. “It’s amazing how much food and medicine you can come across below your feet,” says keen forager, winemaker and market gardener Tim Webber.

A karkalla plant.
A karkalla plant. Image by Rexness / CC BY-SA 2.0

Among the most popular options are samphire, “a salty green with a bitter edge”; warrigal greens, an iron-rich spinach from east coast Australia, and seablite. Webber also explains that “karkalla’s succulent banana-shaped leaves have a beautiful lemony tang, while sea parsley is “like celery intensified by 100, then dipped in salt”. Read more: gourmettraveller.com.au

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