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Extinct frog reappears in India’s Northeast

A curious species of frog that lays its eggs in holes in trees and feeds them with unfertilised eggs has been rediscovered in the forests of India’s remote Northeast States, after not being seen for 137 years.

The jungles of Northeast India.
The jungles of Northeast India. Image by BMC Ecology / CC BY 2.0

Now officially named Frankixalus jerdonii, and identified as a whole new genus, the frog was first discovered in the 1870s by a British naturalist, but no trace of the animal was seen again until 2007, when the first specimen was found by accident by government scientists. Credit for the rediscovery of Frankixalus goes to Sathyabhama Das Biju, a biologist at the University of Delhi, who is widely known as the Frog Man of India, after discovering 89 new species of frogs.

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