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World Japanese restaurant certification scheme planned

Chefs in Japanese restaurants around the world claiming to offer Japanese cuisine will be able to verify their expertise under a new chef certification system planned by the Japanese government.

A sushi restaurant in Tokyo.
A sushi restaurant in Tokyo. Image by Paul Miller / CC BY 2.0

To be eligible for a certificate, international chefs would be required to complete some form of training within Japan. Factors such as how well the chef understands Japanese food culture, how they handle the food, how dishes are presented, and manner towards customers may also be taken into account. The program will also likely include rankings, with much more experienced chefs being given ‘gold’ status. Officials in Japan hope that the system will raise the quality of Japanese restaurants abroad. Japanese cuisine – known in Japan as washoku – was awarded intangible cultural heritage status by Unesco in 2013. Read more: japantimes.co.jp