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Nepal's Kung-Fu nuns cross Himalaya on bicycles for women's rights

A group of 150 nuns from the Druk Amitabha Mountain nunnery in Ramkot, near Kathmandu are poised to reach New Delhi at the end of a 2200km bicycle ride across the Himalaya to draw attention to the plight of women in South Asia.

Nepal's rugged landscapes could be the perfect location for new Far Cry 4 game. Image by McKay Savage / CC BY 2.0
Nepal’s Kung-Fu nuns cross Himalaya for women’s rights Image by McKay Savage / CC BY 2.0

The so-called Kung-Fu nuns, who practice martial arts as well as meditation, started the journey at their monastery and have since traversed Nepal and large areas of north India on a tour of sites associated with the historical Buddha, Gautama Siddhartha. The goal of the expedition is to spread a message of women’s empowerment in a region where women are widely treated as second-class citizens, despite laws designed to redress the imbalance. Read more: livemint.com