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South Carolina beach to be autism-friendly

A South Carolina beach town is striving to be autism-friendly, after the local town council officially declared it would cater to families with members with autism spectrum disorder.

North Carolina beach.
North Carolina beach. Image by Karen Blaha / CC BY-SA 2.0

The town of Surfside Beach is a small seaside community south of Myrtle Beach, and according to local media, the town council signed an official proclamation to work on the initiative. Autism spectrum disorder is defined by a certain set of behaviours that affect individuals to different degrees, but can include sensory sensitivities, according to the autism society.

Becky Large, the founder of the Champion Autism Network, said that to her knowledge, no other place has made such a declaration to become an autism-friendly vacation spot. WBTV reported that Large will work with local restaurants to help raise their awareness and understanding of families with autistic children. The local aquarium and movie theatre will also be involved in “sensory-friendly” events for kids.

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