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Curlers arrive in Las Vegas for Continental Cup

The world’s slipperiest sport comes to Las Vegas for the WFG Continental Cup of Curling at the Orleans Arena.

Curling comes to Vegas
Curling comes to Vegas Image by Michael (a.k.a. moik) McCullough / CC BY 2.0

Held every year, the tournament is a chance for teams from around North America to compete against curlers from the rest of the world. In each ‘draw’, two teams of four players compete to slide heavy granite stones across a sheet of ice toward a circular target marked on the ice. Points are scored for the stones that stop closest to the target. The exciting game is made more exhilarating with ‘sweepers’ who control the stones’ direction by rubbing the ice with brooms, which affects the path of the stone. Tickets start at $22 for individual draws.

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