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Egypt offers a friendly welcome to Central Perk

A cafe designed to look like the iconic Central Perk coffee shop from the Friends TV sitcom has opened in Port Fouad, Egypt.

Central Perk cafes have become a global phenomenon.
Central Perk cafes have become a global phenomenon. Image by David Wilson / CC BY 2.0

The owner, Hassan, a former banker, spent six months building the cafe with his interior designer cousin, Haytham Hegazy, and only a month since opening their Facebook page had over 13 thousand ‘likes’. The cafe is fashioned to replicate the Central Perk set from the sitcom and for an extra flourish, customers can watch episodes of Friends whilst enjoying their beverages. Hassan has said that the three hour drive from Cairo to Port Fouad hasn’t discouraged people from visiting and that he hopes to expand to major cities such as Alexandria and Cairo in the future.

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