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Smart hotel room of future will deliver your dreams!

It’s the future and it will almost be like having a personal Jeeves to wait on you hand and foot as smart hotel rooms automatically make your favourite kind of coffee, transmit 5G wi-fi from the lighting and charge your phone.

'Smart' hotel rooms will offer customers virtually everything from virtual games to their favourite coffee
‘Smart’ hotel rooms will offer customers practically  everything from virtual games to their favourite coffee as 5G wi-fi  circulates through the light systems Image by Eden hotel / CC BY 2.0

The traveller through 2016 and beyond will be pampered like never before as hotels and holiday companies across the globe respond to their smarter era requirements in the methods they use to book and want to experience their holidays.

Travel tech website Tnooz says that up to now companies appeared almost afraid of patrons with the expertise they had gleaned from the web. However the website’s Kevin May added that this demand has eventually led to improved products and services in the industry . The London Independent reports that by taking on such data and daring to integrate technological advances into what they are offering, hotels have taken a lead in the next era of modern travel.

Just pick what you want  on SMS and a member of hotel will deliver your wish in the era of a new 'smart' hotel room
Just pick what you want on SMS and a member of hotel will deliver your wish in the era of a new ‘smart’ hotel room Image by Japanexperterna.se / CC BY-SA 2.0

Denise Bartlett of hotel search engine Trivago pointed out that there has been a significant increase in the number of ‘smart’ hotels around the world – from pioneering tech-hotels within group chains across America to high rise, design-led hotels in China.

Facebook millionaire Ezra Callahan, owner of Arrive, a boutique hotel property in Palm Springs, says that their group is innovative in the way they approach guest experience. He said they are using technology in smart ways to create a home-feel within their properties while simultaneously simplifying the guest experience. Among the tech-at-hand available will be Hulu and Netflix streaming facilities while patrons can use SMS to let staff know of their requirements.

So what else lies ahead? Well Marriott’s Vroom Service has undergone testing in both London and New York. This gives guests the opportunity to buy virtual experiences in-room using Samsung Gear VR headsets. Australian airline Qantas has been testing similar technology both in its airport lounges and in-flight while Thomson Airways has come up with a practical use of technology by equipping its flying staff with iPads and linking up with crews in destination resorts. This allows them to find out resort recommendations for passengers in advance while giving the company the marketing opportunity to sell excursions and other holiday add-ons to before landing. Another site causing excitement among travellers is GoEuro as it compares prices flights in Europe with rail and coach prices for similar journeys.