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Japan Rail bullet train passengers to benefit from unlimited-ride ticket

Japan Rail (JR) has announced that travellers will be able to utilise a special unlimited-ride train ticket on parts of the new Hokkaidō bullet train line when it opens in March.

Customers wait to embark Japan's bullet train.
Customers wait to embark Japan’s bullet train. Image by James Long / CC BY 2.0

The ‘Seishun 18’ ticket is currently only limited for use on local and rapid JR trains; the change marks the first time the ticket will be valid for use on a bullet train. The sections of the bullet train line covered by the ticket include the stretch between Kanita, in Aomori Prefecture, and Kikonai on Hokkaidō – a section that runs through the Seikan Tunnel linking Japan’s main island of Honshū with Hokkaidō.  Train travellers will still need to purchase an additional ‘option’ ticket. Read more: ajw.asahi.com