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Indian seismologists warn of more Himalayan earthquakes

Seismologists from the government of India have warned that recent earthquakes in and around the Himalaya may just be the precursor to an even bigger shock in coming years.

An aerial view of the Himalayas.
An aerial view of the Himalaya. Image by Partha S. Sahana / CC BY 2.0

Following the recent quake in Manipur, which measured 6.7 on the Richter scale, and the deadly magnitude 7.3 tremor in April 2015 in Nepal, experts from India’s National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) are warning that a quake of magnitude 8.2 or higher is still highly likely. Authorities from across the region are upgrading their disaster preparedness policies and discussions are underway for a region-wide building code of conduct to ensure that houses across the Himalaya are constructed to resist earthquakes. Read more: timesofindia.indiatimes.com