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British adventurers rescued three times by Icelandic rescue teams

A group of British adventurers in Iceland who’ve had to be rescued three times have defended their preparation.

Svinafellsjökull glacier, Iceland.
Svinafellsjökull glacier, Iceland. Image by David Phan / CC BY 2.0

The four-strong team aimed to ski across Iceland unassisted in a project called ‘The Coldest Crossing’. They first needed help when one of the group got ill and had to drop out. Subsequently another skier suffered severe frostbite, and finally the team were trapped by bad weather near Emstrur. The skiers, who are making a film of their trip, say they were well prepared, with beacons and satellite phones, that they had mountaineering insurance and that they called rescue teams as a pre-emptive measure. Rescue teams are made up of volunteers and are becoming increasingly busy as more tourists visit Iceland, leading to some tension: the skiing team say they have received death threats, which they will pass on to the authorities. Read more: icelandreview.com